Through my grief journey I decided to run from the word go. I found a passion for running in 2016 and I couldn’t let it go. I found myself going out running 8-20km after just a few hours sleep, from Hugo’s birth onwards.   I needed to dig deep and fight, and face up to the loss of Jade, and all of my feelings. I needed to deal with every emotion, and I did this through putting my focus into running. I decided to arrange 10km runs and half marathons and run in memory of Jade. Bringing everyone together in its best possible form.

I decided to continue my running journey by completing the York Marathon in October 2019, getting some great inspiration from a friend who had completed the Manchester Marathon just weeks after the Retford half marathon. Thanks Peter Taylor. I made a promise to Jade – she did 9 months of pregnancy so I would do 9 months of training and complete the marathon.

I had Jade and our baby boy in my mind at the finishing line in 4 hours and 50 minutes – my aim was sub 5 hours. Having only run once a week to train for it,  I am very proud of my time.

You can do literally anything when you truly want it deep down, and you will find the firepower to keep on pushing.