In memory of Jade Hart

Welcome to our memories website…

This very special website is in Memory of Jade Hart and hopes to bring together all Jade’s amazing memories through the many people who were part of her life.

It allows everyone who knew Jade, whether it was a passing meeting or being in her life full time, to share memories through images and words.  We can all then view and share everyone’s experiences with such a beautiful angel.  The main aim is to bring everyone together, gather images and learn more about what a beautiful person Jade Hart was.

I hope also it brings light and inspiration to people who may have lost a loved one, or are grieving in some way. There is always a solution, hope and faith out of grief, this is how I found mine.

Our dreams and signs page is for you to share your own dreams/signs of Jade, and upload your experiences. Jade was a very spiritual person, and was a true dreamer.  #dollydaydream

Share your memories…

Add your photo memories for everyone to enjoy.

I will go wherever you will go…

Dreams & Signs…

Upload and share dreams and signs you receive that bring Jade close to your heart.

I have loved you for a thousand years…


Hugo & Daddy’s Night Time Adventures

 I found inspiration to convey a message to our son Hugo through bedtime stories, converting negative loss into positive magic in the night sky.  So Hugo can dream of his Mummy.


Latest Contributions

Jade and her nan

Jade loved her nan so much, her love for her nan will never go away, they have got a very special bond together always in their hearts.  I

Special Birthdays

Jade always made birthdays special. Missing these two madly on what would have been my mum's birthday. Here's hoping Jade and mum are together, celebrating celestially, whilst watching

New Years Eve 2015

New Year’s Eve 2015 . Such an amazing time loved spending time with Jade she made you feel warm inside and happy.  Also a picture from one of


One of the funniest Hallowe'en parties we went too. It was never a dull moment with me and Jade around. Beautiful memories at Halloween with great friends.. missed

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