Thanks to some more great work via Jackie Tee. We are launching a new Christmas Card where Hugo and Mummy fly through the sky on a winters night (image from Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures and Illustrated by Jacqueline Tee and will always be available going forward.

The card can be ordered on and can be personalised and delivered. All the proceeds from the card are going to Cruse Bereavement Care, you can also choose your designated charity on the drop down list online which is where you would like 10% of the proceeds of the card to go too, that may be personal to your heart. As mentioned the rest of the proceeds are going to Cruse.

To find the card, type Jacqueline Tee into the search bar, click search and scroll to the bottom where you will find the card to edit and personalise for that family or friend this Christmas delivering to yourself or to who the card may be for.


Ric Hart